Welcome, we are Myriam and Andrea, of Shinjukawa Kennel – in Japanese “river of pearls” – We created Shinjukawa 12 years ago, when we fell in love with a red Shiba Inu, first and unforgotten dog we had together, which revealed us the incredible beauty and depth of this breed. This love pushed us to share this wonder with all of you, sustaining it’s spreading together with genetic and morphological improvement. We do not breed for money, we both have our job, but only for the pleasure to achieve the highest breed standards. For this reason we carry out only few targeted mating per year and here you will not always find available puppies, but believe us, if you want our puppy better to book, a Shinjukawa’s it’s worth waiting!

Shinjukawa is... 100%


We are certified Professional Dog Trainers, with European CEPAS “Professional Dog Trainer Certification”, that’s we now how important is to work
on dogs daily and why we pay special attention to puppies coaching. Only this way they will be ready for what to expect inside and outside the house, and every moment of your life together will be always a wonderful adventure.


Your and our Shiba health is a “must” for us. For this reason we achieved the “ENCI – ANMVI Dog Breeder Master”, moreover all our dogs are certified as “E.N.C.I. Selected stud/bitch”, meaning that they passed all kennel Club mandatory clinical and behavioural tests plus those for the most common breed diseases… because pedigrees may all look the same but… they are not!!


You can recognize a Shinjukawa at first sight. The careful and wise selection work, based on precious and exclusive bloodlines, allowed to obtain over the years dogs of unparelleled beauty and style. Nowadays they win in the most prestigious exibitions, and if you will meet a Shinjukawa you will immediately notice that you are facing a Shiba with something “more”.

Our dogs

magatama go shinjukawa

Red Female
Genetics Ay/Ay EE
Born 04/02/2018
IT JCh & Ch.
European Champion 2019
Crufts reserve 2019
ENCI Winner 2019
LATIN Winner 2019
Winner Monografica C.I.R.N. 2019.
C.I.R.N. Club Champion  2019
Nippo Show Class Winner 2019
HD A (0) – Eyes Clear – Patella Free
ENCI Selected Bitch

sensei go shinjukawa

Red Male
Genetics Ay/Ay Ee
Born 20/08/2017
IT JCh & Ch. – INT. Ch.
AT & DE Bundersieger J. Winner ’18
C.I.R.N. Club Champion 2019
Best in Show Winner Nippo 2019
Best Japanese dog in show
HD A (0) – ED (0) – Eyes Clear – Patella Free
ENCI Selected Stud

shinju go shinjukawa

 Sesame “Agouti” Female
Genetics Aw/At Ee
of rare and exceptional quality
Born 06/02/2016
IT JCh & Ch. – INT. Ch –
Montenegro Ch. – Bosnia ed Erzegovina Ch. – Croazia Ch. – Multi Ch.
First “Agouti” sesame BOB at Monografica C.I.R.N. 
First “Agouti”sesame  C.I.R.N. Club Champion
Vesuvio Winner 2017
Champion Female Class Winner at
European dog show 2019.
HD A (0) – ED (0) – Eyes Clear – Patella Free
ENCI Selected Bitch


Red  Female
Genetics Ay/Aw Ee
Born 16/08/2018
Greek Ch.
C.I.R.N. Junior Club Champion 2019
Nippo Class Winner 2019.
HD B (1) – ED (B) – Eyes Clear – Patella Free

ai we sedso i'm so special

Red Male
Born 26/06/2014
Genetics Ay/Ay EE
IT Ch. – INT. Ch
Montenegro Ch. – Bosnia ed Erzegovina Ch. – Danimarca Ch.
Nippo Class winner
HD A (0) – ED (0) – Eyes Clear – Patella Free
ENCI Selected Stud

shio go shinjukawa

Red Female
Genetics Ay/Aw
Born 06/02/2014
IT Ch. – INT. Ch
HD A (0) – ED (0) – Eyes Clear – Patella Free
ENCI Selected Bitch

we sedso n' marakumo no tsurugi

 Sesame “Agouti” Male
of rare and exceptional quality
Genetics Aw/At Ee
Born 28/07/2011
IT JCh – INT. Ch 
Cipro Ch. – Azebargian Ch. – San Marino Ch. – Turchia Ch. – German Young Ch. –
German Shiba Club Young Ch.
J. Vesuvio Winner 2012
HD B (1) –  Eyes Clear – Patella Free
ENCI Selected Stud


Red Female
Genetics Ay/Aw
Born 03/02/2016
IT JCh – INT. Ch
HD A (0) – ED (0) 
Eyes Clear – Patella Free
ENCI Selected Bitch


neo go shinjukawa

Maschio Sesamo “Agouti”
di eccezionale e rara fattura
Genetica Aw/At Ee
Nato  25 settembre 2019
HD A (0)  – ED (B) – Eyes Clear – Patella Free

gumi go shinjukawa

 Sesame “Agouti” Female
of rare and exceptional quality
Genetics Aw/Aw Ee
Born 14/09/2019
Best Baby CIRN Clubmatch at
ENCI Winner ’19
Eyes Clear – Patella Free

guren go shinjukawa

Red Male
Genetics Ay/At Ee
Born 25/09/2019
Eyes Clear – Patella Free
Ch. Ai- We-Sedso  N’Murakumo No Tsurugi
Nippo 2012 – Breitnau (DE)

Nippo Show 2019

On 26 May 2019 the “VII Shiba Nippo Show” took place in Padenghe sul Garda. Nippo Show is a peculiar exhibition where dogs are examined and judged according to the strict Japanese standard by a pool of Japanese judges members of the prestigious “Nionken Hozonkai” (The Japanese Dog Preservation Society) the organization that protects and issues guidelines worldwide for the protection of native Japanese breeds. We had the honor to win all the 3 classes in which our dogs partecipated resulting also best shiba with our “Sensei” who was also awarded “best Japanese dog of the event”, beating in the final playoff the best out of 140 Akita.
Following photos of a memorable day for our kennel and the video of Supreme Best in Show.
"All'inizio della giornata non saprai mai come finirà. L'importante è che quando sia finita tu abbia fatto il tuo meglio......   Tutti i giorni"

When a day starts you never know how it’s going to end.

What’s matter is that when a day is over you have done all your best…. Everyday!

Ch. Sensei Go Shinjukawa 
  Nippo Show 2019 BISS WInner – Padenghe sul Garda (BS)

Best in Show Nippo 2019

Riproduci video


Bacheca trofei

Young Championships

  • 9 Italian Junior Champions
  • 1 Italian Junior Top Dog
  • 1 Italian Shiba Club J. Champion
  • 1 J. Bundessieger Winner (DE)
  • 1 J. Bundessieger Winner (AT)
  • 2 San Marino J. Champion
  • 1 Croazia J. Champion
  • 1 Slovenia J. Champion
  • 1 German Club J. Champion
  • 1 German Shiba Club J. Champion

Adult Championships

  • 1 European Champion
  • 6 International Champions
  • 5 Italian Champions
  • 3 Italian Shiba Club Champion
  • 1 Danmark Champion
  • 2 Slovenian Champions
  • 2 Slovenian Club Champions
  • 2 Bulgarian Champions
  • 1 Bosnia Erzegovina Champion
  • 2 Croazian Champions
  • 1 Cipro Champion
  • 2 Azebargian Champions
  • 1 San Marino Champion
  • 1 Turkey Champion
  • 1 Greek Champion

Other Titles

  • 1 Best in Show Nippo 2019
  • 4 Nippo Class Winner
  • 1 Third place CRUFTS ’19
  • 1 Fourt place CRUFTS ’19
  • ENCI Winner 2019
  • Latin Winner 2019
  • 2 Vesuvio Winner
  • 2 Roma Winner
  • 1 Romagna Winner




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Myriam Nuvoli

Owner and founder

© Shinjukawa Kennel 2019

Andrea Fedele

Owner and founder